My Approach

Each session is an opportunity for you to bring what is on your mind that week. You can explore what is happening for you right now; your home, family, friends and work life. We will explore your past and how that may influence you now. We will encourage the more hidden qualities and strengths that you may have forgotten or needed to ignore.

Psychosynthesis is my frame work for understanding the work I do. This approach imagines that the mind (Psyche) has different parts that haven't necessarily learnt to get along yet. The parts represent our different wants, needs and beliefs. Usually when a part of us wants something new it can feel exciting and adventurous, there may be other parts that feel frightened or unsure or critical about something new happening. The coming together of the parts (synthesis) comes as we take the time to learn about all of ourselves and then learn how to include these different wants, needs and beliefs more.

As an Integrative counsellor I take my methods from the breadth and depth of past learning of the wider profession. This is so the methods I use are appropriate to what you need. For example:

    the Humanistic approach believes people are basically good and that deeply listening with genuine care will draw out that person's own sense of what is best for them;
     the Gestalt approach emphasises the here-and-now and uses exercises to support us to feel our experience more fully so that we can let go of stuck emotions and be more true to ourselves;
    the Jungian approach includes working with dreams, stories and images to explore our unconscious, or hidden, strengths and weaknesses;
    and the Psycho-dynamic approach looks at how early experiences can still influence us now.

    I also use mindfulness exercises, these train us to notice where we are comfortable to give our full attention and where we want to ignore what is happening. The more we are aware of the more choice we have about how we respond to our thoughts, feelings and other people. Mindfulness helps us appreciate and enjoy life more and supports us in times of uncertainty.

For a list of brief definitions of these recognised approaches please see it's good to talk

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