Men’s Tales

Four group workshops for men to explore how they adapt to life.

Our expectations are a mixture of what we’ve been told, learnt from experience. Being more aware of how we do and don’t adapt gives us more choices. To hold onto what works for us and let go of what doesn’t.

Each workshop is on a relationship or role men are given. We will explore and challenge our expectations of each type of relationship by sharing our experiences: good, bad, foolish, brave, ordinary and extraordinary adventures - finding out again for ourselves our understanding of how best to adapt now.

The morning of each workshop will explore images, story’s and our experiences of being in each type of relationship/role. The afternoon will begin with some embodied playful exploration of what our bodies know about the theme. Something as simple as throwing and catching a ball around the group, or, choosing if we want to mirror another’s actions, can show us more than tell us what is really going on for us. And if we are feeling braver maybe a chance to re-enact past challenges and face them differently. The emphasis will be on trusting what is happening while we meet as a group and where our conversation takes us. So, rather than just being told about things, I will support each man to find to out for himself.


Who is our friend? What is enough for us to be a friend? How do we know if someone else is our friend? Are they fun, useful, share our values? How do we fight for our friendships? All connections are unique but somehow friendship seems the most flexible and surprising, with a range of possibilities that can expect the most of us, and the least of us.

10.30am to 4.30pm, Sunday 19th April 2020


Brotherhood is a choice we make, being a brother is more than a blood relationship. Are we both the same, are we total opposites? The need for loyalty and faith in each other strengthen and deepen our bonds, and betrayals. And instinctively we recognise these men as life long Brothers for better or worse.

10.30am to 4.30pm, Sunday 17th May 2020

Fathers and Sons

A line of father’s stands behind us, all the men who gave us life. The question of fate. How much do I know about who I come from, and how to walk my own path? Our father’s are the first men in our lives, the twinkle in his eye becomes a son. What did we learn from our father about being a man, being responsible? Was he there when needed? Did he give his love, blessing and encouragement? Did he make us proud? How can we make sense of what father’s do and don’t do for us?

10.30am to 4.30pm, Sunday 21st June 2020


Passion, desire, lust, tenderness, intimacy and love. Forever or for right now? Times of being up for it and wanting to move towards a new adventure. And time alone and apart - down time. Intimacy follows it’s own rhythms, seasons and cycles. Lovers ask for our devotion, yet only find us exciting if we stand up for ourselves and risk being our own man.

10.30am to 4.30pm, Sunday 19th July 2020

The cost of each workshop is:

£60 for each day,

or £210 if you commit to all four days

concessions maybe available on request

To book please contact me directly at:

Or, call/text message me on: 07882873060


The Mill

7-11 Coopermill Lane


E17 7HA

I encourage applications to join this group from anyone who identifies themselves as a man, and those who believe this is the group for them. And, I would like the group to represent the full range of masculine and male experiences. Including all races, classes, sexualities, trans-genders, non-binary genders, aged 16 and older. The venue has good disabled access and facilities.

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